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Doc’s eBay corporate wrongdoing allegations attacking outspoken former sellers. Posts are backed up by empirical screen-capture or video evidence!

eBay Still Paying Top Social Media Influincers To Bully Critics

youtube troll wars

Any sane person would see this activity as a waste of shareholders money. Yet eBay continues funding top influencers to bully their critics. It really don’t make sense paying trolls to get even with corporate critics, as the e-Titanic sinks further into the abyss. The corporation allegedly being accused continues to disappoint wall street. Non-sense…
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YouTube Dangerous Content Hurting Advertiser Revenue

YouTube Dangerous Content Examples

YouTube has turned into possibly the most dangerous video host on the internet. The worst is trolls and pedophiles targeting children. And there’s the corporate problem where trolls set up stalking / bullying channels that are part of a smear campaign aimed at outspoken former sellers. Google advertisers are revolting because ads are placed on…
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Tour eBay Hubcap Joe’s Russian Hosted Bullying Website

Hubcap Joe DeMarco Bully Website

Take a video tour of eBay Inc corporate media spinner Hubcap Joe’s offshore Bulgarian bullying website. Hubcap Joe DeMarco of Oradel New Jersey is the most hateful bully in cyberspace. This hate website came along after DeMarco failed to silence an eBay critic and vlogger who went by eBayisaJoke. Doc is also featured on Hubcap…
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