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YouTube Dangerous Content Hurting Advertiser Revenue

YouTube has turned into possibly the most dangerous video host on the internet. The worst is trolls and pedophiles targeting children. And there’s the corporate problem where trolls set up stalking / bullying channels that are part of a smear campaign aimed at outspoken former sellers. Google advertisers are revolting because ads are placed on not advertiser friendly videos. But like all things Google it’s about the MONEY! 🙁

I’ve been targeted by eBay Inc corporate trolls for over 6 years because of ebaymotorssucks.com. It’s an eBay thing. This website has saved countless used car shoppers from being scammed by fraudsters, and bad sellers.

Screenshot of another abusive video owned by the same creator on a different channel. Note the rolled back odometers hashtag in it’s description. Advertisers nightmare!

YouTube Abusive Video

Another example of eBay Inc corporate troll abuse on YouTube making threats and libelous text statements

But just like Google / YouTube all eBay cares about is their investors. I’d think YouTube would clean up their cyber out-house, especially after losing Billions due to advertisers revolting over their ads being placed on corporate owned garbage channels! 😡

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