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Reputation Assassination Smear Campaign Continues In 2019

Here is the guy doing weekly eBay infomercials on YouTube. That guy is alleged be in control of many rogue YouTube channels and has attacked my reputation repeatedly. The operation is running two hate websites, one in Russia. 😡

It is strongly rumored eBay Inc is funding all this hate directed at former eBay sellers and eBay negative bloggers. There is an alleged black budget funding the eBay man’s operation. It’s been done before when eBay wanted this guy to attack Google offering to fund offshore servers, and anything else he needed.

Stop attacking your critics, former sellers, and naysayers. It wreaks of your desperation and inept management team. I worked hard to build my trading reputation back in the old days, but smearing my good reputation into the ground with shills and sock-puppets, saying i sold stolen cars and rolled back odometers wreaks of intimidation tactics attacking my character and business reputation is despicable.

Here’s another video produced 01/28/19 by Jason DeCanio of central Florida. It’s full of vulgar language. Be sure no children or thin skinned adults are present if viewing.

Personally speaking, eBay needs to get back to the basics that made them a household brand name. I’ve mostly blogged eBay Motors car scams on my site but have also blogged other eBay negative topics over the years. My site will be 15 years old come March 15th, and has archived a ton of eBay history. eBay hates me and my website, but it’s not my fault corporate execs squeezed their golden goose until it flatlined. 🙄

Screenshot of a post on sellercritic.net website doxing me with lies and falsehoods. My eBay feedback speaks volumes about my credibility as a used car dealer. Is the “eBay Guy” this desperate to resort to slander and libel on websites and YouTube videos? I do believe that answer is YES!

Doxing Of Doc Screencapture sellercritic.net

The New unwritten “digital Community Law”. Law of the communities now runs the internet. You and me. when something is wrong and people step on your Face with slander or steal word gets out.

Why is eBay Inc knowingly condoning this kind of activity by one of their top rated sellers? The law has failed to protect ME from being stalked and bullied online. Ownership record chuckfitchscammer.com taken when privacy protection expired.

chuckfitchscammer.com who-is record

Ownership details chuckfitchscammer.com: Registrant Name: JOE DEMARCO
Registrant Street: 90 KINDERKAMACK RD
Registrant City: ORADELL
Registrant State/Province: NEW JERSEY
Registrant Postal Code: NJ 07649
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.2012620702

Ownership record for sellercritic.net showing it’s owner is Keith Detwiler of Marietta Georgia 30062.

Whois Record sellercritic.net

Screencapture of a public domain name who is lookup for sellercritic.net belonging to Keith Detwiler

Keith Detwiler is also an eBay seller, and the creator of the Monopolized BizHacks YouTube Channel, with a current channel header link to his hate website. eBay “Devin Wenig” this is very bad business condoning hatred and bullying former sellers online! 😡

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