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What’s Behind Hubcap Joe Manipulation Machine

Shady black-budget off network ops are a scary place kept out of investors view. Search engines working with this company hide negative company wrongdoings.


  • What corporate execs are not telling investors could devalue your portfolio.
  • Black budget social media reputation management smear campaigns harming brand.
  • Executives can not control their employees who threaten outspoken former members.
  • Corporate bad governance destroying brands community and trust.
  • The dark side of eBay investing. What shareholders should know.

This offshore website hosted in Moscow RU is owned by eBay top rated seller Hubcap Joe.

Hubcap Joe is being manipulated by eBay corporate insiders to bully and cause harm to outspoken former members. Weebly is also used to create hate pages. YouTube is the major player in anonymous hate channels and videos.

Hubcap Joe created hate videos and channels running on YouTube are not removed despite violating YouTube policy on privacy and bullying.

Doc’s articles are mostly hidden in Googles index. While eBay crazeenydriver troll created hate videos against Doc are given preference in Google search index.

The following video is proof Hubcap Joe is doing the black ops activity. Feds should investigate this company for it’s dirty dark side black budged deals. Doc also shows examples of eBay motor vehicle listings missing their mileage in summary pages.

Why don’t eBay Motors vehicles have the MILEAGE on search summary results? Other leading car classifieds know a car’s mileage is important to vehicle shoppers. eBay Motors was originally a partner between eBay and Auto Trader. Sometime between 2004-2005 the Auto Trader logo disappeared from the motors website header. From that point onward the greatest motor vehicle selling venue the world has ever known started it’s great decline.

During one of their eBay live conferences Meg said. eBay Motors is the largest income generator for eBay Inc. Now nobody talks about motors. It’s simple – eBay does not know the car business. One reason search summary pages do not list a cars mileage!

eBay has spent probably over a million dollars going after ole Doc the former motors seller. When they could no longer hack his website offline, they used the guy in the video to smear his reputation. Why not take his constructive criticism and make the venue better? Sadly with eBay Inc it’s their way of the highway!

Doc is proud of his eBay Motors sellers feedback he worked so hard to build. Note that ID verify on Doc’s feedback profile that helped build trust with so many scam listings. Sadly the venue itself went sour after years of scammers that ran wild as insiders stuffed their pockets full of cash.

eBay’s director of social media manipulation is Hubcap Joe AKA YouTube promotional channel CrazeeNyDriver. He spread rumor that Doc sold stolen cars. Rolled back odometers. And was thrown off eBay because he was a scammer.

I’m going to continue trying to clear my good reputation by blogging more articles and creating more videos. Doc’s fight against corporate wrongdoings continues.

Oh well.. As usual.. Just my two cents worth! 😎

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