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Corporate Black Ops Targeting Former eBay Seller

Doc alleges this eBay insider Joseph DeMarco is operating an offshore cyberstalking website attacking former sellers. We further allege he is cheered on by other insiders, including eBay Radio host Uncle Griff.

The website in question is hosted by Blue Angel Host in Moscow Russia, and has a Bulgarian IP address. But the big question today is, who is funding this cyberbullying website being used to attack Doc?

Back in the early days of eBay Motors, used car fraud was out of control. Fraudsters listed non-existent vehicles for sale, at unrealistically low prices.

Example Early Mustang Fradulent Listing

Example car scam example from our archive. See more examples here.

In 2004, Doc founded a motor vehicle specific fraud awareness website called eBay Motors Sucks, to advise consumers of the scams. At that time, spokesman Hani Durzy mostly denied reports of fraud or said fraud was minuscule. Members were literally being slaughtered by scammers!

Soon afterward Doc’s sellers account was suspended, and his website was attacked many times. The worst attack was this distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack in 2011. Unknown to Doc at the time the FBI was investigating vehicle purchase protection (VPP) brand fraud. Doc had been advising consumers to be aware of VPP brand fraud since 2009. He suspects eBay ordered the DDOS attack. Killing Doc’s server prevented the FBI from seeing how long this fraud scheme operated on their servers.

Doc is still being attacked over 13 years later. Corporate troll Joe DeMarco has spread false rumors, and enticed his followers to accuse Doc of selling stolen cars, rolling back odometers, and being a scammer! 😡

Doc Pictured on Chuck Fitch Scammser Bulgarian Website

Screenshot of Doc as shown on crazeenydriver / hubcapjoes Bulgarian cyberbullying website. Is eBay “black budget” funding this site?

Back in the marketplace glory days there was a guy who specialized in sending traffic to eBay, his name was Shawn Hogan. Hogan says in this article how much money he was making sending traffic to eBay, among other interesting things.

Things went fine for a while, but he was later asked to attack Google. eBay offered to set him up with offshore websites, or anything else he needed to do the job. They wanted to hurt the search giant anyway possible!

The Black Budget
One topic that was discussed was eBay secret “black budget”. This was described as a large allotment of money that eBay was free to do what they wanted with, without it being reported on accounting sheets (and in turn shareholders). Then they offered to buy any hardware I wanted with their black budget and get it co-located offshore if I wanted so that no one could trace the spamming back to me or digitalpoint.com. I still told them I wasn’t interested.

Then they made it very clear that they have no love for Google at all and would actually pay me whatever I wanted from their black budget to “hurt Google in any way I can”. I didn’t really understood what they were asking or even why they would want to “hurt Google”. I pointed out that Google is not their competitor and hurting Google ultimately would only hurt them in the end since they get traffic FROM Google.

Finally they came out and said they were angry at Google because eBay was one of the largest AdWords advertisers and Google recently changed their AdWords pricing to take into account “ad quality” (more on that here) and it was costing eBay exponentially more in advertising dollars. I still wasn’t clear exactly what they meant by “hurt Google”, and pressed them to be a little more specific. Their answer was, “You are creative… think of anything you can think of and just name your price. Maybe you could figure out a way to take down Google datacenters somehow?” eBay even flew down an executive from their pay per click advertising division to talk about this.

Yeah, no. eBay asking me to engage in cyber-terrorism against Google… thanks, but no thanks. I’m not going down that road.

So with the above quoted paragraphs in mind. Who is funding crazeenydriver’s offshore website in Sofia Bulgaria?

Doc produced this screen video a few days ago laying out solid proof Joe DeMarco AKA Hubcap Joe owns the website being used to attack him. 😡

Black Budget Funded Cyber Attack Website

Video laying out details that eBay insider Joseph DeMarco owns chuckfitchscammer domain. Click to view video loads in new window.

Here is an archived blog post about the black budget. Read the comments below the article, this is not a conspiracy theory folks, It’s real! 😡

“Further, ebay has always had a black budget whose funds could be for corporate spying, psy ops against sellers, and other shady if not illegal activities.” “This? Child’s play compared to what a thorough investigation would reveal. The tip of the iceberg.” “My advice to these defendants: rat these SOBs out, create a website, and solicit defense fund contributions from sellers. Send ebay management to prison.”

After this post was blogged Doc’s server encountered a WordPress brute force attack. But we had sufficient resources to fend it off. This attack smacks of desperation by someone caught with their hand in the cookie jar! 😆

Doc's Quality Cars blog under Bruite Force Attack

Video documentation of DQC WordPress brute force dictionary bot attack. Click for video opens in new window.

Another attack was launched against Doc’s server. Shortly after the brute force attack, someone tried SQL Injecting this article Doc wrote after shutting eBay Motors Sucks website down.

Doc's Quality Cars SQL Injection Attack

Video documentation of DQC SQL Injection attack. Click for video opens in new window.

Doc had to laugh at this failed attempt to sql inject the article he wrote. SQL injection is a technique that will replace keywords, keyphrases, or entire sentences with high ascii characters, drop database tables, etc. The goal of this type of website attack is to hide keywords and keyphrases from search bots!

This blog was also falsely flagged as containing malware, shortly after it’s initial setup. Doc shows webmasters how malicious reputation management services file false malware reports with Google safe browsing.

This dirty reputation management tactic scares visitors from clicking indexed search urls. Doc recommends setting up your Google search console AKA webmaster tools account, submit and verify your domains, and check it daily!

Doc's Quality Cars false flag for malware

Video documentation of DQC domain falsely flagged for malware. Click for video opens in new window.

Meanwhile the 1st video above was hosted on Doc’s YouTube channel, but someone filed a privacy complaint for email address [email protected] visible in a public domain whois capture. Under the circumstances we moved it to our cloud storage account. It’s not worth getting a YouTube strike over!

eBay INC has the worst governance than any corporation I’ve ever seen, Investor Carl Icahn once said. Running black ops attacking former members that were in good standing. Even going as far as possibly manipulating the stock market. And lets not forget the bad buyers stealing item from sellers, with PayPal’s help.

Updated 12/19/17: Another attack against America freedom of speech! This time from a supposedly responsible web host WowRack. But our spam firewall from CleanTalk did it’s job and blocked an irresponsible web scraper operation.

After sending an abuse report to WowRack and commenting on their Facebook page, Doc was told the attacker was a search engine. Bullshit, search engines do not attempt to download wp-config files to gain database access! The fix for irresponsible web hosts, AS23033 Blocked. Doc had no other option! 😡

Doc has become an advanced webmaster since that 2011 DDOS attack. He knows it’s possible to step up and dump a bunch of slush fund money into an attack, possibly taking us offline. BUT.. he runs a script that dumps site databases every hour, full file archives are done twice daily, and several server snapshots are taken daily. In an hour, two hours max, we could spin up another instance, put it anywhere in the world, run a quick IP change, and be back online before most folks would know we were down. 😉

To sum it all up, eBay is a lot like the Clinton crime family. Everyone knows the crimes Hillary committed, but Congress, FBI, DOJ, SEC, looks the other way!

Oh well.. Just my two cents worth as usual. 😎

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