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Is The eBay Black Budget Alive And Well?


The eBay Black Budget was allegedly described as a large allotment of money that eBay was free to do what they wanted with, without it being reported on accounting sheets (and in turn shareholders.) In other words, a slush fund used for sleazy untraceable covert operations.

Is The Alleged “eBay Black Budget” Alive And Well?This brings me to Today’s article topic. There has been a huge social media smear campaign going on between a self described eBay spokesperson that does eBay pr videos. Joe DeMarco producer of the CrazeeNyDriver YouTube channel. Mr. DeMarco is also a top rated plus eBay Motors seller offering used hubcaps to the community.

The other party is another YouTuber that bashed eBay and at the same time promoted Amazon services. “eBayisaJoke” wore a Guy Fawkes mask and digitally altered his voice to conceal his identity.

Mr. DeMarco was recently outed as being the owner of an off-shore cyberstalking and cyberbullying website hosted by Blue Angel Host in Moscow RU with a Bulgarian IP. From what we gather Mr. DeMarco let his domain privacy protection expire on 02/15/2015 revealing the registrant and admin (among other) contact details be shown. We quickly got a screen shot of the whois data.

eBay Black Budget ChuckFitchScammer.com Whois Public Record

Is eBay Black Budget Paying For ChuckFitchScammer.com? Whois Public Record outing HubcapJoes As Owner

hubcap joe address - black budget recipient?

Address: 90 Kinderkamack Rd, Oradell, NJ 07649. Phone: (201) 262-0702

This whois outing brings up so many questions. How involved is eBay Inc in this YouTube smear campaign? Is it possible that eBay Inc is paying for this chuckfitchscammer.com website out of their alleged black budget fund?

CrazeeNyDriver making "Official Statement" eBay dropping Cassini Search by Feb 2015

Joe DeMarco AKA CrazeeNyDriver making “Official Statement” eBay dropping Cassini Search by Feb 2015. Now retracted.

DeMarco’s YouTube channel has recently gained an “Official eBay Look and Feel” with the addition of a professional new channel trailer and other enhancements.

CrazeeNyDrivers last two video titles have started out with “eBay Talk – will eBay be keeping their cassini search engine” a very interesting subject.

Last December 12th he said and i quote “It’s Official” eBay is dropping Cassini Search by the beginning of February 2015, while wearing an “official looking eBay branded sweatshirt” that gave the impression he was an official eBay spokesperson. Possibly funded by that eBay black budget.

Was he pumping eBay for his insider connections, and giving false hope to his channel viewers who mostly are eBay sellers that are losing sales and money? This wreaks of eBay Inc Racketeering, Insider Information, and Securities Fraud!

So this all boils down to connecting the dots that lead back to eBay Inc. Is DeMarco’s chuckfitchscammer.com off-shore cyberstalking cyberbullying website being paid for out of this alleged eBay Black Budget? This has been a two year operation that appears too big to be operated by DeMarco and a few fellow eBay seller friends of his. Ex eBay affiliate marketer Shawn Hogan tells about his experience with eBay and describes the eBay Black Budget here.

We have guesstimated the connecting of these digital dots to eBay Inc via an employee Scott Henshaw who has done at least one CrazeeNyDriver YouTube show video, and is alleged to be the one that has ebay-ised his YouTube channel. But to tie it to eBay and the black budget will take payment records from Blue Angel Host. Maybe these documents will be leaked and released to the public somehow?

Personally i feel DeMarco could easily sink eBay’s Ship if they suspended his sellers account. Probably a good reason why he is still selling despite this kind of illegal activity is against eBay seller policy. You just know he would sing like a canary on who else is involved in this operation.

I’m a disabled / retired used car dealer with over forty years in the sales and repair industry. And know what it takes to evaluate autos for sale, communicate with buyers to ensure a smooth and rewarding internet vehicle transaction. This is one car i exported to Moscow Russia a few years ago.

I was “in my opinion” unfairly suspended mostly because i took the time effort and expense to warn the public how they could get defrauded out of their money. eBay simply shot the messenger. Had they taken mine and others advice about verifying members and other necessities for selling cars on the motors website it’s my belief the site would still be a vibrant online platform to sell used cars on.

I produced this narrated screen video of my feedback and talked about what eBay had done to kill this once top automobile selling venue. Team eBay with their black budget has smeared my good record into the ground saying i rolled back odometers and violated eBay policy multiple times which is a smear campaign lie. Read more here.

It took hard work to build my reputation as well as other small sellers that got the boot as eBay concentrated on courting franchised dealers who could care less about eBay Motors reputation as a whole. Lets face it, it took trust and community values to make selling automobiles long distance work back in the good old days. Without it eBay is no different than any other automobile for sale classified website.

John Donahoe trashed a great business model. He forgot all about trust and community values in his quest to turn eBay into an Amazon clone!

Regardless what the “department of spin” says about eBay Motors, it’s nothing more than marketing fluff.

Trust Me.. eBay Motors Sucks!

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