The Rise And Fall Of eBay Inc TRUST And Community Values

Video documentary about how corporate short term gains and massive concealed auction fraud killed eBay Inc, the most trustworthy trading venue ever conceived on the net. Niche venue “eBay Motors” reduced to just another online classified! 😥

eBay Motors original concept was to sell and complete your car sale on the motors website. It was a suspendable offense to lure a buyer off the motors site to make a deal. Sometime after John Donahoe took over as eBay CEO those rules were apparently relaxed.

A new fee structure for car dealers was $50 per car, plus listing upgrades, with no final value fee. Dealers started working bidders and vehicle inquiries as leads and closed their deals off the motors site. It was closing the deal on eBay Motors and both sides leaving factual feedback that gave eBay Motors an edge over classified websites like AutoTrader etc. This YourGMDealer fiasco comes to mind.

Doc has witnessed how this niche venue has fallen in popularity. Meg Whitman and Pierre Omidyar got rich quick, as trusting eBay members literally were slaughtered by fraudsters listing thousands of car scams. Phishing, cross site scripting, hijacked sellers accounts, and more, has killed the TRUST eBay was founded under. 🙁

Slowly eBay has been moving it’s motors site to eBay core. I’m sure they know the motors name is mud, but it’s all their own doing. Ignoring their own once successful policies, and ignoring the fraud that consumed the venue. As Meg Whitman once said, the fraud percentage is so small it’s minuscule.

eBayMotors was originally a partnership between eBay and I remember the sites big black header that drew complaints about all the ink it took to print a page out. But on each side of that header graphic was both companies logos. I remember noticing the auto trader logo disappear off the site. Soon afterward eBay Motors started it’s slow decent into the abyss.

ebay end partnership early

Recently we discovered eBay had merged their eBay Motors Facebook page with their core site page, and since then it disappeared. But after we blogged about the Facebook page merger, today it’s back! 😆

Apparently in an attempt to discredit my findings eBay INC had the previous page restored. But once again i catch eBay in yet another embarrassing cover-up. Doc produced this video laying out the differences between the two pages. And the replacement page is not verified yet. Also a Yahoo search shows eBay Motors Facebook page is blocked by a robots.txt file.

Ouch.. Yet another embarrassing cover-up busted by ole Doc! 😆

From this archived forum post in 2004.

Seller TONY1963: Let me be one of the first to say “hoo wee” about your new enhancement (not).

Perhaps you should try bringing real buyers to the site. The only way to sell a buy it now is if you sell the car below your cost.

Now that you have convinced everyone that you can buy a car here below wholesale, the only thing that sells is JUNK.

Right doc?

Yeah, the site is fine if you are a buyer but more and more sellers are outta here.

I remember when Doc had 5-6 cars listed at any given time. Now none. We used to list 8-10, now sometimes none. Simon has ruined the site. He sacrificed long-term growth for short term “sale” pricing.

Who’s going to continue to sell cars below wholesale?

Not us.

Seller DocsQualityCars: As Simon Sez at Set your reserve at wholesale or even below wholesale if sourcing your cars below wholesale dealer auction price!

I buy at Dealer Auctions and with the older stuff if it is in exceptional condition it brings top dollar. There is no way i can cherry pick a car that is perfect and list it here for a profit!

It’s Looking more like the Hoooooo over here every day.


Seller DocsQualityCars: Why not put a huge tent over the data center and fumigate the user base? That would be a good start!


It’s my thoughts that short term gains with no regard for the future of the company has lead to it’s demise.

This video is quite long. Please watch it fully to see some of the suspected fraud examples i have archived over the last 10 years. eBay Corporate literally screwed this site into the ground.

Back in 2005 fraudsters were mimicking Secure Trade a spinoff of Square Trade. They had created a look-a-like website to make their deadly scams look legitimate. Many trusting eBay members were defrauded of their money. At that time Doc registered the same domain with the .info extension to warn potential eBay scam victims.

Doc’s original classic html website is still online 15 years later, though not being mobile friendly, the old old stuff is still there. Doc blogged this post 10 Years Documenting eBay Car Scams back in 2014, that contains a huge summary of early eBay car scam screen captures from the old site.

Despite what the trolls are saying, I never rolled back odometers or sold stolen cars. I did have a falling out with Bill Cobb, president of eBay N.A. who clicked his mouse and goodbye Doc. 🙄 Any questions comment below or contact me privately.

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